it's all about meeeee!

new about me pending- i've changed a lot since i last wrote this lol

my friends!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my frands. I love them so much!!! us for the most part i couldn't find a better pic

these are also us ^^^^^^^^ my besties of SUCKINGHAM PHALLUS

and THE RANCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the best worst internet friend group of all time <3

and my other besties too!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaand my lovely partner ema :]


here are some things i think encompass my gender identity. if this doesn't make sense to you then too bad for you

BEING A LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gray wolves :)

dilute calico cats <3

a black hole (i do not have any gender in me)

a bastion remnant from minecraft (yeah like the structure) specifically the treasure room bastion. the second image above ^

this shade of green (mint green. can be darker or a little more blue.)

i am NON BINARY!!!!!! hope this helps