Welcome to my site!

Hi everyone! My name is Fritz, I am 23, use they/them pronouns and this is my first website!

Here you will find things that I like and things that I make. I love to draw, sculpt, and write, and I have a lot of stories and characters I work on! I am also very interested in video games of all different kinds, Pokemon card collecting, some anime/manga, and the outdoors, generally (more specifically- US National Parks, birds, especially raptors, wolves, and North American flora and fauna). I am very much a collector, and even though I am not very serious about any collecting, I have small collections of stuffed animals, rocks/minerals, and playing card decks. I am not sure what I'll put on this site quite yet, so stay tuned!

What's this all about?

This site is dedicated to everything I like, namely video games and my creative endeavors. This site is gonna be more like a blog than anything, so if you like reading someone else's opinions, this is the place for you! It's kind of a place for my raw, unfiltered thoughts, I think. i am no longer cringe i am free...


Look at them. My lovely animals

My delightful cats Luna and Maisie :]

My dog Tela and my leopard gecko Mango <3